Wednesday 15 January 2014

Baby Dougal on the mend!

Well what a worrying time it has been at McTavish Towers with Baby Dougal being poorly.  He has been diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and has been having loads of medication to keep his tummy healthy.  The vet has him on a special diet, which me and Alfie Bucket like the smell of but mummy won't let us have any!!! 

Baby Dougal has spend the last week officially on 'rest and recuperation', but I think the little guy is getting too used to that now so I think I need to start him on some light duties.  He not fit for full perimeter patrol or covert operations, so we are looking for some less strenuous for him.  I have sent him out to the yard to peek through next door's hedge and report any suspicious movement.  He is wearing his McTavish sweater and Trooper coat so that he doesn't catch a chill.  I hope he remembers where he has hidden his notebook and pencil!  While he is out I am going to investigate his bowl! 


  1. Thankful you are recovering sweet boy

  2. Hi, Hamish, long time no bark... hope all is well with you pups. We're back to Blogville and writin' purdy regular... If y'all start writin' again, let me know-- I'll send some pups yer way... lots of my pup furiends from Dogster have migrated ovfur here...