Wednesday 15 January 2014

Baby Dougal on the mend!

Well what a worrying time it has been at McTavish Towers with Baby Dougal being poorly.  He has been diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and has been having loads of medication to keep his tummy healthy.  The vet has him on a special diet, which me and Alfie Bucket like the smell of but mummy won't let us have any!!! 

Baby Dougal has spend the last week officially on 'rest and recuperation', but I think the little guy is getting too used to that now so I think I need to start him on some light duties.  He not fit for full perimeter patrol or covert operations, so we are looking for some less strenuous for him.  I have sent him out to the yard to peek through next door's hedge and report any suspicious movement.  He is wearing his McTavish sweater and Trooper coat so that he doesn't catch a chill.  I hope he remembers where he has hidden his notebook and pencil!  While he is out I am going to investigate his bowl! 

Tuesday 7 January 2014

This has been a very worrying week here at McTavish Towers (Westie HQ).  My little brother baby Dougal McTavish has been very unwell and right now is in puppy hospital.  He has been very sick and it has confounded the best veterinary minds (well that what they told us they were!).  However after several days in hospital, tests, surgery and a lot of medication there are some promising signs that he his making a bit if improvement.  We certainly have all of our paws crossed here at Westie HQ as we are missing the little man something terrible.  No one can make a sausage sandwich quite like Baby Dougal.

To keep the little guy entertained while encarcerated in puppy prison, oops I mean hospital, we have given him a special covert operations mission.  He is to observe all comings and goings in the puppy hospital and note anything suspicious.  Daddy has smuggled in a pencil and notebook and some night vision goggles for him.  We have reason to believe that there might be some hostiles who have infiltrated the veterinary confines and are trying to extract secret information from confused inmates. We know that Baby Dougal will get to the bottom of this, he is a very good operative and knows just how to inveigle himself and get people to tell him secrets!

Thursday 29 March 2012

Alfie Bucket is overcome with expectations as Springtime arrives at the McTavish Family home, he just can't resist sniffing at the primulas which daddy and Baby Dougal have just potted up.

Er....... Hamish, .....where we expecting any overseas visitors today, break out the weapons, I think that there is going to be a bit of bother.

Baby Dougal McTavish is very proud of himself today, he scared off two frogs, a blackbird and a Parcel delivery Van driver. Not a bad days work.

 Sir Hamish McTavish taking a well earned rest down at the beach at Cambois. May even go skinny dipping later if the weather stays this nice.

 Alfie Bucket shows baby D. where he saw a crab running under the rocks. we need to draw up a plan of action here D. watch out for those little nippers though.

Saturday 3 March 2012

Hamish returns from the darkside!!!

Hello my friends (old and new), it has been such a long time since I have posted here, but you understand that someone in my position has to be very careful.  I have had to maintain radio silence since the unfortunate incident of the missing Professor.  It was a matter of national security you understand.  But now I am free to tell my story to the nation ....
Not that I am going to "spill the beans" on the internet ... my agent tells me that a book deal would be a better idea.  However, my friends, I want to repay your loyalty by letting you into a few things that I have learned to help you with your own covert operations and homeland security.  Here we go ....

1.  Squirrels are tricky.  DO NOT TRUST THEM!  You may think that they are on your side, but just at the moment when you need them most they show their true colours and get in the way of your operations.
2.  Cats lead you to places where you really dont want to go.  DONT FOLLOW THEM!  They have a habit of squeezing through spaces that are not big enough for Westies and then your head gets stuck and someone has to come and pull you out backwards ... not very dignified!
3.  If you want to get into next door's garden remember when digging under the fence the you have to dig forward as well as downward ... otherwise you turn up in Australia, but NOT next door where things are going on!
4. If a job needs doing dont trust your doggy brother to do it, especially one who is distracted by sandwiches!
Well I will leave you with these few words of wisdom and get back to my plans and inventions.
Au revior mes amies (thats French ... I have been communicating with my Gallic brothers in arms, but more about that another day!)
Love from Hamish and the McTavish Clan xxxx

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Westie Mission Accomplished!!!!

We have been on radio silence for some time as we have been on a mission, following the professors clues to ascertain his whereabouts.  The Professor has cunningly left a paper trail for us to follow, but unfortunately it has taken us several days to persuade daddy to walk us in that direction so that we could follow the clues!  The Professor was abducted IN HIS OWN CAR by a person or persons unknown (perhaps one of whom had one leg and a parrot) and driven in a easternly direction.   Me, Baby Dougal and Alfie Bucket sniffed out the evidence (well mostly the Bucket as he has the biggest nose!) - a trail of torn pieces from the professor's notebook, which were cunningly deposited in our neighbours front drives and foliage.  Daddy could not understand why we wanted to stop and pee on every front gate, but it was a diversionary tactic so that we could sniff out the clues (how clever are we?)  We found 14 pieces of the notebook leading us down towards the old people's home at the bottom of our road, but there the trail went cold.  We were so disappointed.

Knowing that there was  more to this that meets the eye we enticed daddy in the same direction on our next walk, this time not stopping to pee but force marching him straight to the place where the trail went cold the day before.  Imagine our surprise, and delight, when we spotted the professor's car parked under a tree in the grounds of the home!  We trailed daddy through the gardens, on the pretext of chasing some imaginary creature, and alighted on said vehicle.  We sniffed and sniffed, and YES it was definately the professor's car.  Unfortunately at that point daddy dragged us off and we were not allowed to make further enquires but I feel it in my bones, we are close to finding and saving the professor!!!!

Tomorrow we will go back out on our mission and this time we will bring back photographic evidence!!!

Wish us luck

Love from Hamish and the gang x

Thursday 28 July 2011

Follow the Westie leader

We have been considering the clues with regards to the professor's whereabouts and its hungry work, so dad prepared us a special dinner to keep our little grey cells in good working order!  

I am partial to a prawn cracker or two ... but why do they make me wait???

Now following that delicious meal we had a bit of a rethink and I recon that what is required is a little reconnaisance mission down the street to see whether there are any more pieces of the professor's note book lying around, leading us in the direction of travel.  What we have to do now is either (1) activate escape plan B and hot foot it down the road searching for clues, or (2) persuade daddy that a leisurely stroll out the gate and down to the left is a reasonable walking route!

I think that the professor was trying to leave us clues as to his whereabouts and we need to get on and follow that trail.  I am worried about the blue feather and size 9 foot though - It would appear that the professor was being stalked by a one-legged man with a parrot!

Wish us luck!

Love from the McT's xxx

Wednesday 27 July 2011

CSI: Westie world

Well we assembled last night in the chicken coop - it was a bit of a tight squeeze - and we considered all the evidence in the case of the missing professor.  Firstly I have to report that everyone enjoyed the buffet, especially Baby Dougal who is partial to a sausage sandwich.  Anyway, we laid out the clues and asked for suggestions ... in a nutshell the clues are as follows:-

clue 1 - there was a page ripped out of the professors notebook on the kitchen floor

clue 2 - there were clean dishes in the dishwasher even though the Professor told us that he never uses the dishwasher cos he doesnt trust it to clean the dishes thoroughly 

Clue 3 -  a strange blue feather was found in the garden under the professor's kitchen window

Clue 4 - the postie is still delivering post to the Professor and there are 4 pints of milk on the front doorstep

clue 5 - there is a footprint (approx UK size 9) in the garden near the kitchen window

clue 6 - we found a small piece of torn paper from the professors notebook in his front drive and another in Mrs Next Doors front garden.

What do you make of all that then?  I am sure that if we consider the clues carefully we will know what happened to the Professor and work out where to find him.
Answers on a postcard! 

Me and my brothers hunting high and low for the professor!

Love from Hamish and the Special Ops brigade xxx