Saturday 3 March 2012

Hamish returns from the darkside!!!

Hello my friends (old and new), it has been such a long time since I have posted here, but you understand that someone in my position has to be very careful.  I have had to maintain radio silence since the unfortunate incident of the missing Professor.  It was a matter of national security you understand.  But now I am free to tell my story to the nation ....
Not that I am going to "spill the beans" on the internet ... my agent tells me that a book deal would be a better idea.  However, my friends, I want to repay your loyalty by letting you into a few things that I have learned to help you with your own covert operations and homeland security.  Here we go ....

1.  Squirrels are tricky.  DO NOT TRUST THEM!  You may think that they are on your side, but just at the moment when you need them most they show their true colours and get in the way of your operations.
2.  Cats lead you to places where you really dont want to go.  DONT FOLLOW THEM!  They have a habit of squeezing through spaces that are not big enough for Westies and then your head gets stuck and someone has to come and pull you out backwards ... not very dignified!
3.  If you want to get into next door's garden remember when digging under the fence the you have to dig forward as well as downward ... otherwise you turn up in Australia, but NOT next door where things are going on!
4. If a job needs doing dont trust your doggy brother to do it, especially one who is distracted by sandwiches!
Well I will leave you with these few words of wisdom and get back to my plans and inventions.
Au revior mes amies (thats French ... I have been communicating with my Gallic brothers in arms, but more about that another day!)
Love from Hamish and the McTavish Clan xxxx

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  1. It's so good to see a post from you! I knew that you must be involved in some covert operation and couldn't post! You've passed on some great information, and I'm passing it onto our Scottie to decipher and translate, because he could really use some help in the hole digging missions!