Wednesday 3 August 2011

Westie Mission Accomplished!!!!

We have been on radio silence for some time as we have been on a mission, following the professors clues to ascertain his whereabouts.  The Professor has cunningly left a paper trail for us to follow, but unfortunately it has taken us several days to persuade daddy to walk us in that direction so that we could follow the clues!  The Professor was abducted IN HIS OWN CAR by a person or persons unknown (perhaps one of whom had one leg and a parrot) and driven in a easternly direction.   Me, Baby Dougal and Alfie Bucket sniffed out the evidence (well mostly the Bucket as he has the biggest nose!) - a trail of torn pieces from the professor's notebook, which were cunningly deposited in our neighbours front drives and foliage.  Daddy could not understand why we wanted to stop and pee on every front gate, but it was a diversionary tactic so that we could sniff out the clues (how clever are we?)  We found 14 pieces of the notebook leading us down towards the old people's home at the bottom of our road, but there the trail went cold.  We were so disappointed.

Knowing that there was  more to this that meets the eye we enticed daddy in the same direction on our next walk, this time not stopping to pee but force marching him straight to the place where the trail went cold the day before.  Imagine our surprise, and delight, when we spotted the professor's car parked under a tree in the grounds of the home!  We trailed daddy through the gardens, on the pretext of chasing some imaginary creature, and alighted on said vehicle.  We sniffed and sniffed, and YES it was definately the professor's car.  Unfortunately at that point daddy dragged us off and we were not allowed to make further enquires but I feel it in my bones, we are close to finding and saving the professor!!!!

Tomorrow we will go back out on our mission and this time we will bring back photographic evidence!!!

Wish us luck

Love from Hamish and the gang x


  1. We hope he's not held prisoner in the old peoples' home. Busting him out could be a problem.

    XXXoOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  2. Yah, I sure hope he isnt stuck in that old peoples home. If so, will they let you in to check on his condition? That seems only fair to you guys as being detectives.

    JAzzi and Addy

  3. Sounds like a job requiring further investigation
    Benny & Lily

  4. Gosh, I just found your blog site - love your stories - aren't those westies something?

    All the best, Katie from

  5. Hey there!! I just wanted to let you know that I've stopped by to see you!! I hope you're doing well and your missions aren't taking you too far from home! ;-))

  6. Hey!! I see I was the last one that left you a note in September, and here it is November, and I've stopped by again! I hope all is well, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday, if we don't hear from you!! Take care!!!

  7. Im back ... they got me and I had to escape .... I will be writing my memoirs in due course because the world needs to know these things!!! Stay vigilant! Love from Hamish