Thursday 28 July 2011

Follow the Westie leader

We have been considering the clues with regards to the professor's whereabouts and its hungry work, so dad prepared us a special dinner to keep our little grey cells in good working order!  

I am partial to a prawn cracker or two ... but why do they make me wait???

Now following that delicious meal we had a bit of a rethink and I recon that what is required is a little reconnaisance mission down the street to see whether there are any more pieces of the professor's note book lying around, leading us in the direction of travel.  What we have to do now is either (1) activate escape plan B and hot foot it down the road searching for clues, or (2) persuade daddy that a leisurely stroll out the gate and down to the left is a reasonable walking route!

I think that the professor was trying to leave us clues as to his whereabouts and we need to get on and follow that trail.  I am worried about the blue feather and size 9 foot though - It would appear that the professor was being stalked by a one-legged man with a parrot!

Wish us luck!

Love from the McT's xxx


  1. Maybe Bluebird of happiness took him off!

  2. With that great meal, you should be right on your way. I am sure a bit of persuassion should be able to get you the way you wanna go~~Afterall you are a westie!! BOL a one legged man??? confusing!!


  3. lol ... one legged man with a parrot .... did he possibly have a wooden peg?

  4. Hi, my name is Mai and I`m a Westie living in Slowenia.
    I didn`t understand everything in this Post because I looked to the Food Picture all the time. Yummiiieeeee

    Greetings from Slowenia,
    Mai the Westie