Wednesday 20 July 2011

Calling all Westie Special Ops - We have a mission!

Well the case of the missing professor is getting curiouser and curiouser!  Last night under cover of darkness me and Baby D sneeked through the perimeter fence into the professor's garden while Alfie Bucket kept watch and used diversionary techniques to keep the humans off the scent.  Aware that the hostiles who abducted the professor might have left booby traps behind I let Baby D go first.  We scuttled along the hedge on tippy-toes and then crawled across the lawn on our bellies.  Luckily the professor isnt much of a gardener so there was plenty of undergrowth to hide our movements.  When we got to the house we flattened ourselves against the wall and moved stealthily towards the garage and had a peep in the window.  SHOCK!  Someone has stolen the professors special car!  Now we know they were after his inventions.  There were tools lying on the floor and the professors new sandwich dispenser invention for the glove compartment was in several pieces on the floor - there is no way the professor would have willingly abandoned the sandwich dispenser idea!  Thats evidence enough for me that he was taken against his will!  We must find out who has him.  Whoever has the professor's car has the professor.  
We are posting Baby Dougal's anotated drawing of the professor's car here -

everyone must be on the look-out for it and report any sighting.  This might have been the abductor's biggest mistake.  You can hide the professor but you can't hide his flying car, and when we find it we have you!!!  Westies of the World - and their canine and feline friends, UNITE ..... FIND THE PROFESSOR'S CAR.  Baby Dougal is offering a reward ... a prototype of his sandwich robot (design attached).  

Thanks to all our friends for your help - we will find the professor!
Love from Hamish and the Special Ops troops of the McTavish household x


  1. Dangerous Beans and Ben are now covering the NH Great North Woods/White Mountain region! They have their binoculators at the ready and are on high alert. The dog up the top keeps barking some sort of message and they are listening intently. The problem is, he has such a bad Yankee accent and they are Dutch westies, so they have to keep barking back and asking him to repeat it.

  2. Your right this is getting wierder as the day is long!! I will keep my eyes peeled here in Illinois and if you need my help just call, and I will be there in my red vertable!! ASAP!!


  3. Nice to meet you!!! You look just like me!! I'll be visiting often!! Come over and visit me too at

  4. We are going on a mission to Kentucky on Friday which will necessitate that we cross state lines. We are thinking that we will be largely unnoticed, but think that any car with a Wheaten Terrier in the front seat and a couple of Golden Retrievers is sometimes noticed. Despite this, we will be sure to check the rest stops and the highways for any signs of the professors whereabouts ...