Sunday 17 July 2011

Water Water everywhere but what's a Westie to drink?

Well we have had 2 solid days of rain which make perimeter patrols and special ops missions a tad difficult, especially since daddy doesn't let us wander around in the garden in the rain - we are confined to the patio area and the gate is shut!  I have tried to explain to my daddy the vital importance of our work, but he just looks at me in a peculiar way and offers me treats ... we seem to have some sort of communication problem, but I'm not complaining while the treats are still coming my way!  
Last night, under cover of darkness, I squeezed Baby D back into his camouflage jacket, night vision goggles and helmet mounted camera and poked him through the space in the hedge into Mrs Next Door's garden.  She has been pottering about in there in a mysterious way and I instructed Baby D to search out every corner of the garden so we could ascertain what she had been up to.  Alfie Bucket and me watched on the monitor and whispered instructions via our 2-way radios.  I dont know why we bothered cos Baby D ignored all our instructions!  Five minutes into his mission he noticed that Mrs Next Door had left her kitchen door open and enticed by the smell of hot toast he wandered in and blew his cover!!!  Baby D is somewhat addicted to sandwiches and in our haste we forgot to give him his backpack containing his packed lunch and so his mind quickly turned to thoughts of food.  He stood in Mrs Next Door's kitchen doing tricks and dancing so that she would feed him hot buttered toast and then lay down on the floor and rolled over for tummy tickles! Needless to say the mission had to be aborted and Baby D's name has been written in the 'naughty book'.  Dereliction of duty I call that! He is now sitting in the corner drawing with his etch-a-sketch. One day I will share Baby D's sketches with you, they are rather weird!
So its back to the drawing board on the mission front!  Ah well tomorrow is another day!

Baby Dougal in disgrace after his failed mission

Love from Hamish and the McTavish Clan xxx


  1. Sorry about your aborted mission - but you can't blame a pup for loving sandwiches!

  2. Bet Baby D doesn't think it was a failed mission. After all, he scored toast and tummy tickles.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  3. It could be Dougal thought he could lull Mrs Next Door into a false sense of security with these tactics. Going from covert activities to full blown espionage amongst foreign types. Tho with no backpack and buttered toast wafting through the air, it's anyone's guess.

  4. It is so hard to find good help, isn't it?


  5. Hey Hamish! You guys look like you cause lots of troubles... just the kinda guys we like!

    Welcome to Blogville!

    Sam and Pippen

  6. Hmmm.... he scored a belly tickle and some buttered toast... Think Baby D would declare it "Mission Accomplished!!"......I know I would!!

  7. I hate to say it but I bet that Baby D thought that he hit the jack-pot, Im just sayin....and yep tomorrow is nother day!!


  8. Hello theres Hamish! Pleased to make your acquaintance!

    I'm enjoying your blog.....Welcome to Blogville....I think we can become good furrends!

  9. thanks for all your comments guys I am really enjoying it here in the blogosphere! There is lots going on in my world at the moment so I will try and keep you updated as often as I can - I need all the help I can get with securing the perimeters of Northumberland!
    Manly hugs to all
    Hamish xxx

  10. Tut tut Baby D tummy got him in trouble with me mummy says all my senses go out the window when it come to cheese!

  11. Wish you could sent some of that rain our way. Welcome to blogland - looking forward to hearing more adventures :o)
    Judie and the Scots, Duncan & Hamish

  12. Hamish how nice to meet you and your troop. We came to visit you via Rocky Creek Scotties. Don't keep Baby D in the dog house too long. You never know when those begging tricks might be useful in your covert actions when a distraction is needed. Thanks for the fun!

    Lallee and the gang