Wednesday 20 July 2011

The case of the missing professor

There is a mystery afoot and I am planning to get to the bottom of it! As you all know we live next door to the nutty professor, a reclusive older gentleman who we discovered was a bit of an inventor (codename Q).  We love the professor, he let me and Baby D ride in his special adaptable car and was planning on installing a sandwich dispenser in the glove compartment especially for Baby D.  Imagine our distress then when Mr Across the Road (the one who took me home on the end of a washing line) told my daddy that the professor had gone to live in a care home. I DONT BELIEVE IT!  There is something fishy going on.  The professor, although as mad as a box of frogs, was very sprightly for his age.  I think he has been abducted under cover of darkness by hostiles who want him for his inventions!  Me, Baby D and the Bucket are planning a mission into the next door area so that we can forensically search the garden and outbuildings for clues.  We have been noting down things on our flipchart and drawing out the plans.  The chickens are keen to sew us some disguises, but their designs so far have been limiting, so its back the drawing board with that.   Baby D is not taking this seriously enough, he has asked if he can be disguised as a hedgehog, or a tree ... what does he think this is, trick or treat?  Sometimes I despair of that boy!  Anyway we will keep you posted ... this is a very tricky situation and needs to be handled sensitively.  We WILL liberate the professor!!!!  If you have any good ideas that might help us please let us know
Alfie (Codename:The Bucket) sniffing out the professor with his big nose

Love Hamish and the Special Ops team xxx


  1. Sounds like you have all the bases covered. Poor professor!! He definately NEEDS to be rescued. Just dont go near the lady with the sandwiches, I'm just saying!!


  2. Very mysterious. You NEED to find him....sandwich dispenser in the glove box...we'd like one of those.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  3. I will be waiting anxiously to hear what happens.........I hope you can locate the poor Professor. The world needs that sandwich dispenser invention!

  4. Oh, keep at it ... such a mystery!

  5. Let us know what you find.
    Benny & Lily