Thursday 28 July 2011

Follow the Westie leader

We have been considering the clues with regards to the professor's whereabouts and its hungry work, so dad prepared us a special dinner to keep our little grey cells in good working order!  

I am partial to a prawn cracker or two ... but why do they make me wait???

Now following that delicious meal we had a bit of a rethink and I recon that what is required is a little reconnaisance mission down the street to see whether there are any more pieces of the professor's note book lying around, leading us in the direction of travel.  What we have to do now is either (1) activate escape plan B and hot foot it down the road searching for clues, or (2) persuade daddy that a leisurely stroll out the gate and down to the left is a reasonable walking route!

I think that the professor was trying to leave us clues as to his whereabouts and we need to get on and follow that trail.  I am worried about the blue feather and size 9 foot though - It would appear that the professor was being stalked by a one-legged man with a parrot!

Wish us luck!

Love from the McT's xxx

Wednesday 27 July 2011

CSI: Westie world

Well we assembled last night in the chicken coop - it was a bit of a tight squeeze - and we considered all the evidence in the case of the missing professor.  Firstly I have to report that everyone enjoyed the buffet, especially Baby Dougal who is partial to a sausage sandwich.  Anyway, we laid out the clues and asked for suggestions ... in a nutshell the clues are as follows:-

clue 1 - there was a page ripped out of the professors notebook on the kitchen floor

clue 2 - there were clean dishes in the dishwasher even though the Professor told us that he never uses the dishwasher cos he doesnt trust it to clean the dishes thoroughly 

Clue 3 -  a strange blue feather was found in the garden under the professor's kitchen window

Clue 4 - the postie is still delivering post to the Professor and there are 4 pints of milk on the front doorstep

clue 5 - there is a footprint (approx UK size 9) in the garden near the kitchen window

clue 6 - we found a small piece of torn paper from the professors notebook in his front drive and another in Mrs Next Doors front garden.

What do you make of all that then?  I am sure that if we consider the clues carefully we will know what happened to the Professor and work out where to find him.
Answers on a postcard! 

Me and my brothers hunting high and low for the professor!

Love from Hamish and the Special Ops brigade xxx

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Westies of the world unite - you have nothing to lose but your garden priviledges!

We are still searching the world for the missing professor (well we have searched our garden, the professors garden and Mrs Next Door's garden!)  and it is time for us to sit down and collate the clues and see where they lead us.  I am calling all canine and feline (and friendly human) friends to gather together to consider the clues and information that we have gathered so far to see if we have enough to locate the professor and thwart the enemy! 
We have therefore called a meeting tonight 8 pm (GMT) at the chicken coop to consider the evidence.  I will keep the tunnel hatch open and the light on so feel free to arrive from 7.30 to 8pm.  Those who cant make it to the chicken coop can follow our deliberations on Facebook with a summary being posted here.
Hope to see/hear from you all tonight!  The professor is depending on us! 

Come on guys ... lets check the tunnel  is ready for our visitors!
Love from Hamish and his special ops brothers xxx

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Calling all Westie Special Ops - We have a mission!

Well the case of the missing professor is getting curiouser and curiouser!  Last night under cover of darkness me and Baby D sneeked through the perimeter fence into the professor's garden while Alfie Bucket kept watch and used diversionary techniques to keep the humans off the scent.  Aware that the hostiles who abducted the professor might have left booby traps behind I let Baby D go first.  We scuttled along the hedge on tippy-toes and then crawled across the lawn on our bellies.  Luckily the professor isnt much of a gardener so there was plenty of undergrowth to hide our movements.  When we got to the house we flattened ourselves against the wall and moved stealthily towards the garage and had a peep in the window.  SHOCK!  Someone has stolen the professors special car!  Now we know they were after his inventions.  There were tools lying on the floor and the professors new sandwich dispenser invention for the glove compartment was in several pieces on the floor - there is no way the professor would have willingly abandoned the sandwich dispenser idea!  Thats evidence enough for me that he was taken against his will!  We must find out who has him.  Whoever has the professor's car has the professor.  
We are posting Baby Dougal's anotated drawing of the professor's car here -

everyone must be on the look-out for it and report any sighting.  This might have been the abductor's biggest mistake.  You can hide the professor but you can't hide his flying car, and when we find it we have you!!!  Westies of the World - and their canine and feline friends, UNITE ..... FIND THE PROFESSOR'S CAR.  Baby Dougal is offering a reward ... a prototype of his sandwich robot (design attached).  

Thanks to all our friends for your help - we will find the professor!
Love from Hamish and the Special Ops troops of the McTavish household x

The case of the missing professor

There is a mystery afoot and I am planning to get to the bottom of it! As you all know we live next door to the nutty professor, a reclusive older gentleman who we discovered was a bit of an inventor (codename Q).  We love the professor, he let me and Baby D ride in his special adaptable car and was planning on installing a sandwich dispenser in the glove compartment especially for Baby D.  Imagine our distress then when Mr Across the Road (the one who took me home on the end of a washing line) told my daddy that the professor had gone to live in a care home. I DONT BELIEVE IT!  There is something fishy going on.  The professor, although as mad as a box of frogs, was very sprightly for his age.  I think he has been abducted under cover of darkness by hostiles who want him for his inventions!  Me, Baby D and the Bucket are planning a mission into the next door area so that we can forensically search the garden and outbuildings for clues.  We have been noting down things on our flipchart and drawing out the plans.  The chickens are keen to sew us some disguises, but their designs so far have been limiting, so its back the drawing board with that.   Baby D is not taking this seriously enough, he has asked if he can be disguised as a hedgehog, or a tree ... what does he think this is, trick or treat?  Sometimes I despair of that boy!  Anyway we will keep you posted ... this is a very tricky situation and needs to be handled sensitively.  We WILL liberate the professor!!!!  If you have any good ideas that might help us please let us know
Alfie (Codename:The Bucket) sniffing out the professor with his big nose

Love Hamish and the Special Ops team xxx

Sunday 17 July 2011

Water Water everywhere but what's a Westie to drink?

Well we have had 2 solid days of rain which make perimeter patrols and special ops missions a tad difficult, especially since daddy doesn't let us wander around in the garden in the rain - we are confined to the patio area and the gate is shut!  I have tried to explain to my daddy the vital importance of our work, but he just looks at me in a peculiar way and offers me treats ... we seem to have some sort of communication problem, but I'm not complaining while the treats are still coming my way!  
Last night, under cover of darkness, I squeezed Baby D back into his camouflage jacket, night vision goggles and helmet mounted camera and poked him through the space in the hedge into Mrs Next Door's garden.  She has been pottering about in there in a mysterious way and I instructed Baby D to search out every corner of the garden so we could ascertain what she had been up to.  Alfie Bucket and me watched on the monitor and whispered instructions via our 2-way radios.  I dont know why we bothered cos Baby D ignored all our instructions!  Five minutes into his mission he noticed that Mrs Next Door had left her kitchen door open and enticed by the smell of hot toast he wandered in and blew his cover!!!  Baby D is somewhat addicted to sandwiches and in our haste we forgot to give him his backpack containing his packed lunch and so his mind quickly turned to thoughts of food.  He stood in Mrs Next Door's kitchen doing tricks and dancing so that she would feed him hot buttered toast and then lay down on the floor and rolled over for tummy tickles! Needless to say the mission had to be aborted and Baby D's name has been written in the 'naughty book'.  Dereliction of duty I call that! He is now sitting in the corner drawing with his etch-a-sketch. One day I will share Baby D's sketches with you, they are rather weird!
So its back to the drawing board on the mission front!  Ah well tomorrow is another day!

Baby Dougal in disgrace after his failed mission

Love from Hamish and the McTavish Clan xxx

Day 2 of Blogging

Hey this blogging is so much fun.  Loads of friends dropped by to say hello and I have joined lots of other bloggers so that I can read their exploits and take notes (it is necessary for special ops westies to keep up to date with all the latest intel and techniques you know). 
For those of you who have not been following my exploits on Facebook I need to give you a little bit of background information.  Me, my doggie brothers, my mummy and daddy, oh and the cat, have recently moved to our new home.   We came here because we heard there was a need for special ops security - the people of Northumberland had become a bit lax on the security front, so they called in an expert - ME! 
Now when we arrived here we had to gather intellegence about the immediate area.  We staked out the perimeter to ascertain whether there were any hostiles in the immediate area.  We were NOT assisted by daddy who decided to erect a perimeter fence, which although it kept out the hostiles, it also got in the way of our undercover missions into Mrs Next Door's garden!  
We have discovered that the neighbours, although bonkers, are not dangerous.  Mrs Next Door is elderly and somewhat mad - she has been observed gardening in her pyjamas!  We are convinced that she has a background in the secret services though as she can be a bit tricky and on one occasion very defty swept me up when I was snooping around her garden and carted me back to my own yard!!!!
On the other side lives the nutter professor - he is an inventor and somewhat reclusive, but a number of top secret forays into his back yard has given us evidence that he (or rather some of his stuff!) could be very useful for our special ops missions.
Mr Across the Road is more of a challenge - suffice it to say that he once captured me and brought me home tied to a washing line!  He is on my hit list!
Me, Baby D and the Bucket are currently gathering all intel and making plans for our missions.  Watch this space ...

Love from Hamish and the troops x

Saturday 16 July 2011

Hamish McTavish's Diary of a Westie: Welcome to my blog!

Hamish McTavish's Diary of a Westie: Welcome to my blog!: "Me in my new garden ... exploring   Me and my brothers checking out the perimeter Me and Baby Dougal at the secret esc..."

Welcome to my blog!

Me in my new garden ...  exploring

Me and my brothers checking out the perimeter

Me and Baby Dougal at the secret escape hatch ... shhhhh!

Hello friends old and new
I have just discovered this blogging site and I thought I could use it to update my friends on my weekly exploits.  As those of you who know me will be aware I have recently moved to the kingdom of Northumberland which has a very checkered history, what with Viking invasions and the like.  My job here is to check out the lay of the land, and to make sure that the people of Northumberland are kept safe from various maurauders and hostile elements.  I will start by ensuring the security of my own back garden ... not as straightforward as you may think!  Me and my doggie brothers, Alfie Bucket and Baby Dougal, have been patrolling the perimeters of our homestead making sure that there are no intruders.  Several felines thought they could wander unaccosted through our undergrowth - well we soon showed them who is boss!  (I have to admit that some of them were quite a substantial size - not like the delicate moggies we are used to!)  Anyway, we have made our mark here and I have lots to explain to you all about security and special operations of the Westie kind, so drop in regularly and learn a thing or two from the master!  LOL!

Love from Hamish xxx