Thursday 29 March 2012

Alfie Bucket is overcome with expectations as Springtime arrives at the McTavish Family home, he just can't resist sniffing at the primulas which daddy and Baby Dougal have just potted up.

Er....... Hamish, .....where we expecting any overseas visitors today, break out the weapons, I think that there is going to be a bit of bother.

Baby Dougal McTavish is very proud of himself today, he scared off two frogs, a blackbird and a Parcel delivery Van driver. Not a bad days work.

 Sir Hamish McTavish taking a well earned rest down at the beach at Cambois. May even go skinny dipping later if the weather stays this nice.

 Alfie Bucket shows baby D. where he saw a crab running under the rocks. we need to draw up a plan of action here D. watch out for those little nippers though.


  1. Great photos!!

    I scared off a UPS guy today, too, and barked the mailman!!

  2. Great photos, and a job well done! As I write this, our Scottie is scaring off those birds overhead. A very challenging job because they come back!